The Boys

Koon-Koon Family-127

These three guys are my world…they are the pieces that complete the puzzle I call my Life. Each one of them contributes unique qualities that make every day special. Read on to learn a little more about these three incredible guys:



I have known this man for about half of my life. He knows me better than anyone else and he knows exactly what to say or do at the most appropriate times. Anyone that knows Kevin will say that he is the most ambitious person they know. He sets a goal and will do everything to achieve that goal. But at the same time he can be sensitive to everyone’s needs and puts them before his own. Kevin, is a man who I am proud to call my husband and the father of my children. My boys are lucky to have such a great role model in their life.

Koon-Koon Family-118


The oldest of my two boys, Kyle, is an outgoing charmer that will steal your heart with just his smile. He can be quite the handful at times and keeps me on my toes, but I can’t imagine my life without these moments. He is ALWAYS on the go and looking ahead to what is going to happen next. Kyle is an excellent Big Brother who loves his brother. He brings energy and smiles to everyone in this family and everyone that is privileged to meet him.

Koon-Koon Family-84


This is the baby of the bunch and boy does he know it! He takes maximum advantage of his role in this family. Krisitan is definitely the sensitive one and loves to cuddle!! He is extremely smart because he observes and takes mental notes of EVERYTHING happening around him. He is also the singer in the family. He can make a song out of anything. This loving, compassionate little boy brings laughter and entertainment to this family each and every day.