My Classroom


For the past few years I have used the theme of monkeys in my classroom. It seemed to be just right for my Fourth Graders, not too primary. I have fun with the word play that can go along with the monkey theme. Take a tour of my classroom and feel free to use any of the ideas. I incorporated the Monkey Mischief Collection from TREND.


This is a view of the front of the classroom. I have my  Monkey Mischief Collection from TREND alphabet border at the top of the boards and then used the bulletin board borders to decorate the perimeter of the white boards.


I created the “Jungle of Books” where the classroom library is located.


I took this idea from Pinterest and created the Classroom Rules and Block Schedule using coordinating colors. I glued a monkey on a clothes clip and then move the clip to the Block of the day.


In this corner I created a place to hang up student work, entitled “Swinging to Success”. I pinned up some page protectors so I am able to just slide the papers in and out. This is also where I placed my calendar and job chart.


You will also notice that I used coordinating colors to make these tissue paper balls that I hung up over each group of desks. I also got this idea from Pinterest.


I arranged my desks into three groups. Each group has their own cart with drawers that contain everything they could possibly need, minimizing unnecessary movement. I find myself changing seats quite a bit but I always end up back to this setup. It seems to work best and allow for more space.


My classroom even comes with my VERY OWN Monkey!!

I hope that you enjoyed the tour and again, feel free to use any of the ideas and let me know of any ideas you may have.