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Reverse Bucket List

Today’s Blogember Post: Your Reverse Bucket List (I made a little switch)

Some of you are probably wondering, “What is a reverse bucket list?” Well it is a list of the accomplishments you have already experienced. Essentially it is anything that you have already checked off you Bucket List (list of things you would like to accomplish before you die). Here is mine, in no particular order.

1. college
2. fall in love
3. graduate college
4. beat the odds of getting married too young
5. become a mother
6. start a blog
7. obtain a teaching job
8. buy a house and make it a home
9. get married
10. graduate high school
11. earn a Master’s Degree
12. leave the U.S.
13. witness the Niagara Falls

Just a few…

What does your Reverse Bucket List look like?


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Give Thanks

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THE Quote

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