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When the doctor said…

The Blogember Challenge from¬†worked out so well I decided to take on another challenge...The Blog Dare from Now, I can’t promise that I will stick to the prompts on a regular basis, because we all know how the month of December can be for a mother as well as a teacher, but I will try my best.


Today’s prompt…When the doctor said…

A little more than five years ago when the doctor said, “Looks like another Boy!” I have to be honest, it was not the news I was hoping for. In an ideal world, I’m sure that most mothers wish for one of each, a boy and a girl. That was the case for me…I was hoping for a girl. Thinking about this now, I would not change a thing…I love my Boys and love each aspect they contribute to my life. Kristian has become a part of me….literally…most of the time he is attached to my hip. He refers to me as his “best friend”. Initially the news may have not been what I was hoping for, but it all worked out in my favor!