2 Responses to In a Funk…..

  1. Karen Roth says:

    As for myself, I get into ruts of another kind. i suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis, Ulcerative Colitis, and Fibromyalgia. So I have my very few and far between Good Days (Usually only in the Summer) and then there are the Bad Days and then there are the days from Heck especially when Winter hits. Alot of my beginning blogposts were about my pain and sorrows. But I have come to realize that people only want the light fluffy stuff so I am trying very hard to Re-invent my blog. It will be a slow journey as I have been surrounded by only negative events and lack of emotional and mental support until i met my now dear hubby and his family. You see, my hubby is Developmentally Disabled with ADHD. But all I see are his gifts and strengths where I am so very weak. But I have come to understand that when I am at my weakest, that is when my God is at His strongest.

    My physical pain is so high and so intense all I can do is be a Bobber in the water, you know, sitting up for two hours until the pain is so intense I am near weeping, then I either go ice or use heat, most times it is a combination of both. It is during those times, I use my time to reflect upon crafts I want to try my hand at.

    On my better days, I just hop onto Pinterest and get inspiration there. Whether it be a picture, a quote, or a craft I always find something that inspires me or encourages me in some way.

    So in the meantime, enjoy the time you have with your Precious boys as they grow all too quickly. So go make some Sand Art with them :o)

    Have a wonderful week!