Super Simple Kid’s Pencil Holder Sewing Project

I am delighted to host my very first guest post from Becka over at Probably Crafting! Her blog is full of tons and tons of  project ideas and tips, from sewing to photography and many more. Today she is sharing a simple sewing project!
Super Simple Kid’s Pencil Holder Sewing Project 
We were at the store yesterday and my daughter decided she wanted a new pencil case but didn’t like any of the ones on the shelf. I told her we would make one. She seemed ok with the prospect and we proceeded to do our shopping and get out of the store. When children are in tow my only objected is to get what I need and get out as fast as possible. No messes, no fusses, no problems, and getting out of the store with the same amount of children as I went in, are our main goals.
Anyway, I had forgotten the promise I had made while standing in the school supply aisle trying to keep my toddler from grabbing every colorful item she could reach. I really didn’t think about it again. I know that makes me seem like a bad mommy but I’m really just a very tired mommy.
 It wasn’t long before my daughter and her elephant memory broached the subject again. I sent her to the scrap box to pick out her colors. I went to the internet to look for a pattern. I knew pretty much in my head what I wanted. And I could not find a suitable pattern to fit the idea in my head, so we did the resourceful thing and made our own.
All you need to make this pencil box is:
2 – 12 inches * 6 inches rectangle fabric,
 a zipper,
 and a sewing machine
I didn’t have a zipper in my craft box. I guess I used the last one without realizing it and I was not going to take these children back to a store just to get a zipper. So I cut one off a shirt from the giveaway clothing pile. I re-use old clothes in crafts a lot. It’s actually a thing, has a word for it and everything. It’s called Up-cycling. I love that term. I am all about recycling and cutting down on waste.
The actual creation of this zipper pencil pouch is so simple. You have your front, your zipper, and your back. First, we have to put on the zipper.


The zipper I used was a unique zipper and I sewed it straight on to the top of the fabric but a normal zipper would have to be sewn on the inside to hide the fabrics edges. There are several tutorials for that so I’m going to just touch briefly on it. Cut the top piece of fabric about 3 inches from the top all the way across into two separate pieces. Lay your zipper top side down on the top of the fabric and sew across then do the same thing for the other piece of fabric and the other side of the zipper. You may want to top stitch across for added support.
After your zipper is on, lay your top and bottom pieces together. In order to hide your seams on the inside you put the sides of the fabric you want on the outside touching on the inside. I left the zipper open just a little to help with turning. It’s easier to have the zipper open a little before you start sewing than trying to open it from behind after you have them together. That comes from the voice of experience.
Just sew all the way around. I made two passes because I know that things will be jabbed and stuffed into this bag and the seams will definitely be tested. After that you just turn and your done.
 You can add a few embellishments to the front but if you choose to do that I would do it a step before sewing the top and bottom together. I have thought about adding some flowers to this one but my daughter is not a frilly type and she liked it plain so we left it plain.

:) Thanks!



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  1. Rebeccafaith says:

    I just adore Becka and all of her projects. This actually looks like something that I could do! I love it even without the frilly flowers- because I probably wouldn’t have wanted them either. I’m kind of a man, lol but not really.