12 Responses to Ready to Party!

  1. Pam Allen says:

    Teachers ROCK!. My 2 best friends are teachers. Love the colors and set up of your blog. New fan from UBP14!

  2. Sherry I love your blog and I am so happy to be here! Your little guys are so cute, but I bet they keep you on your toes, happily :) just followed everything!

  3. Awesome that you are a teacher! I do know how it is trying to find time to blog being a mommy. I am in school too so it is really hard for me but I do my best. I will be following and cant wait to jump into your blog (going now).


  4. Silvie says:

    You are definitely amazing Sherry! Kudos to you :) Can’t wait to take in all your wonderful blog has to offer, following you.

  5. I clicked over from the TGIF Blog Hop, but I’m also doing the #UBP14. Two birds!
    As soon as I finish visiting all the blogs on the TGIF one I’m going to jump on board your Weekday Mixer!
    I hope you had a terrific weekend.

  6. Hello Sherry! What a great time at #UBP14 – great to have discovered your page! Follow us on Google+ for Recipes, Food, Romance and more…..