Simple Pleasures

Is there something that just makes your day much more pleasant? Or something that just puts you on cloud nine? Those would be your simple pleasures. Simple, insignificant things to some, but pure blissful happiness to you.

I came across this topic one morning while driving to work. It was the focus of conversation on the local morning radio show here in Central Florida. After hearing the segment I got to thinking…”What are my simple pleasures?”

Now keep in mind while I was driving and trying to listen to the radio I have two boys in the backseat fighting, laughing, and speaking as though they are communicating across an entire football field. Then it hit me, I figured out my first simple pleasure: driving to work on those Teacher Work Days when the Boys are at home with Nanny and Nana (Grandma and Grandpa). The pure joy of just me and the radio that I can actually hear, not having to look back and referee at stop lights, or constantly having to threaten with some sort of punishment because they can’t get along is just heavenly!

Another simple pleasure of mine would be the neat freak side of me, but I love it when the house is clean and all laundry is DONE, which seems to be a rarity these days. When this happens it frees up time to enjoy some more of what makes me happy, like sitting on the couch and catching up on my DVR or starting a new series on Netflix with a cup of coffee in hand.

Some other simple pleasures of mine include, but are not limited to: long hot showers without interruptions, being able to use the bathroom with the door shut, guava pastries, getting a massage, manicures and pedicures, staying indoors on rainy days, and so much more.

These simple, not so big things seem so easy to accomplish, but the other mothers/teachers out there know how hard they are to come by. We get lost in the hustle and bustle of the routines of our everyday lives. Once I do get to experience them, I can tell you this Mother, Wife, and Teacher is a happy gal!

What are some of your simple pleasures?


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2 Responses to Simple Pleasures

  1. Kiks says:

    I learned from experience that simple things are actually what makes people happy :)