Office Space

For a while now, we did not have an “office space” to house a computer for family use or a place to get paperwork done. I would end up doing my school work or paying bills either on the kitchen table, in bed, or on the floor. We had the ideal space in our loft that would we could make much more useful.


I didn’t want the traditional desk you would buy at an office supply store. I was looking for something a little more modern and simple. So we went with a table top and four legs from IKEA…can’t get simpler than that. Of course, we spruced it up a bit.


As I said before we started off with the four legs and plain black table top. We then wanted to add a little pizazz, so we added a laminate slab to the top to give the illusion of a granite top, but of course way cheaper. Then we got a steal of a deal on the chair at Ross…love that place!

Now it was time to accessorize!


We once again turned to IKEA for the accessories: shelves, frame, clear marker board, desk lamp, pots, and plants. I love those “fake” books from Ross. They serve the purpose of decor and storage. Then we have my owl bookends that I adore! I got those as a Christmas gift from one of my colleagues and it just fit right in….SCORE!

I just absolutely love how this all turned out and I no longer have any neck pain from working on the floor!

What do your office spaces look like?

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