Favorite Things Party

Have you ever heard of a Favorite Things Party? I hadn’t until recently and had the opportunity to be a part of one this past weekend. Afterwards I thought that it was the neatest idea I had ever seen for a Holiday Party. This is how is works: You decide on something you can’t live without, hence your favorite thing, at the same time making sure it is within the price range set by the host. You buy five of the same product to take to the party. Once there, a random order is decided to determine who will share their wealth first. Once chosen, you explain a little about your favorite thing and then choose five names at random out of a box to determine who will receive your item. Before getting started we each wrote our name on five post-its and placed the pieces of paper in a box. By the time the night is over each person leaves the party with five new items to try out. We all walked away a winner!



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2 Responses to Favorite Things Party

  1. Celeste P says:

    What an awesome idea! I just pinned this to save for my next party :)