Did You Know…

There has been a FaceBook trend that has been going around where you let people know some unusual facts about yourself through your Status Update. If you follow me on FaceBook you would have seen that I actually participated in this trend a few days ago. So this post did not take a lot of thought, since the work was done for me already.

1. I married my high school sweetheart and we are still married today. How many people can actually say that nowadays?

2. While growing up and babysitting or working at various daycares I really had hopes of having at least 4 children. This was until I had two of my own!

3. I was voted the Friendliest Female of my senior class. Class of 2000!

4. I never attended a concert.

5. I don’t remember wanting to grow up and be anything else but a teacher….and now I am!

Today’s Blogember prompt was suppose to be about your first concert. As stated above, I’ve never been to a concert so I did a little substitution.¬†

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