First Job

Today’s Blogember Prompt: First Job

I figure a “job” is a task in which you get paid for completing. With this definition in my mind, my first job was babysitting the kids that lived next door to me while growing up. I believe I was around 12 and was asked by the mother next door to babysit. I thought that this was the coolest thing ever! I’m going to go over and play with these kids, like I did for years prior to this, but this time get paid to do so! This was awesome! And it truly was. I loved ever minute of it. They made the job so easy! Eventually they decided to move, which was heartbreaking, because at this point they had become a second family to my brother and me. Good thing for me, by this time word had spread and I was getting other babysitting jobs in the neighborhood.

So to the best neighbors ever, thanks for the awesome opportunity of starting my career with children!

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