Epiphany of Summer 2013

Today’s prompt, an epiphany I had this summer

My big realization this summer was that my Boys are truly growing up! Being a teacher you would think that I would be one to look forward to the summer, two months off of work during the best months of the year…think again! There was a point where I dreaded the summer…at home with two boys (ages 2 and 5), everyday for TWO months…not so fun. But this summer was different…Kyle and Kristian are at the age where they can play together for long periods of time and not fight, and if they are not playing with each other, they are old enough to pretty much entertain themselves. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t smooth sailing, but I no longer dreaded the thought of Summer Vacation. I still came across the occasional, “I’m bored”, “He’s bothering me”, and mood swings, but they were situations that were much easier to appease. I was finally able to realize that summers were made for “more play and less work”, instead of  “more work and less play”.

Summer 2013 Epiphany: My baby Boys are now my BIG Boys.


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