Blackie, a bunny

I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon just like my friend over at and participate in Blogember with A Happy Girl.
This is a challenge to blog everyday in November with a new prompt each day. I know that I am a bit late and hope that all the other challengers will forgive me. :)

Let’s get right to it…today’s prompt, “your first pet”…

Today we talk about Blackie, my first pet. He was a rabbit that was obviously black in color. Nice original name, right? I remember my Dad bringing him home from work one day. If I remember correctly one of his co-workers had a litter of bunnies and our family was offered one. He brought it home, but it was not smooth sailing because my family members, including myself, were not animal lovers to say the least. Over time, my mom, brother, and I grew to love this bunny. So much so that my brother and I would sneak him in the house when my parents weren’t home, which was a BIG no, no. Unfortunately, Blackie’s life came to a tragic end when one day he climbed out of his cage (which he did on a regular basis) and never came back home. We found him in the backyard and concluded that he fell victim to a lurking predator.



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