Decorative Lanterns


I must start off by saying I got the idea for these lanterns from Pinterest….where else, right? These are very inexpensive to make and add a whimsical touch when hung from the ceiling.

I first gathered the materials.


white lantern (found at Ikea for $3.99)

acrylic paint (I used blue)

coordinating scrapbook paper



painter’s tape

Step 1: Remove the glass from the lantern and apply the painter’s tape. step1

Step 2: Paint the top and bottom sections of the lantern, leaving some parts white. Allow time to dry completely and then apply additional coats if necessary.


Step 3: Cut the scrapbook paper to fit on each piece of glass you removed from the lantern. Then ModPodge the paper to the glass making sure to smooth out all bubbles. Allow time to dry completely.


Step 4: Replace the glass into the lantern. Add some twine around the neck and bottom of the lantern with the use of hot glue. I also added a piece of ribbon to the latch.

Note: The lighting was a bit different in each picture so it looks like I painted the white sections, but I did not.


 photo signature_zpsvmg1fcke.png

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