Perfect Stripes


As promised here is the start of the tutorials that will help you to recreate aspects of the Big Boy Room I revealed in my last post. I thought that I would start from the beginning with the paint. As mentioned before we started with two colors, Smokey Blue and Breaker, from Behr Paint. I wanted to try painting horizontal stripes so I did, but came across a problem…the paint was seeping through the painters tape because the walls were textured. I then began my research on the web and found a no fail technique. Here  it goes…

Step 1: Paint the entire wall in the base color. In our case it was the lighter shade, Breaker. Let dry completely.

Step 2: You are then going to want to tape off your lines. This can be tricky…how do I know that they are straight? Well, I found a great invention…a laser level. A pretty inexpensive way to avoid the stress of unnecessary work. Make sure to  measure to ensure each stripe is the correct width. You will only need to tape off the section that will be painted with the accent color making sure the tape does not overlap on the section to be painted. step 2

Step 3: This is the part that will ensure that the paint does not seep through the grooves under the paint. You will now take your base color and create a barrier on the tape. Using a sponge brush dab the base color along the tape that creates the stripes to be painted while making sure to fill the gaps between the tape and the wall. I used the technique of “pushing” the paint under the tape with the sponge. Allow to dry completely.


Step 4: Use your accent color and paint the sections where you created the barrier. Immediately remove the tape and Whala! Perfectly painted stripes.


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