Happy Father’s Day

Today we celebrate all of the Dads out there and any other person that plays the “Dad” role in any person’s life. I personally celebrate two wonderful fathers in my life: my Dad and the Father of my children.

First, I would like to pay tribute to Kevin. He became a father almost six years ago and has never fell short of his duties and responsibilities as a father to my Boys. Kyle and Kristian are a bit too young to realize how lucky they are to have a man in their lives that they can call a Hero, but one day they will realize. There are times when Kevin becomes overwhelmed with his responsibilities at work or even as a husband, but he has never let either one come between or take away from being the best father he can be. My Boys hit the jackpot with their Dad…a loving, caring, and perfect role model in which they will be forever grateful for!

Happy Father’s Day, Kevin!


Now, for a little bragging about my Daddy! My Dad is one of the most selfless men I know. He was always the one to take care of me whenever I was hurt or sick. I remember vividly when I would get sick and he would hear me coughing up a lung, no matter what time of the night it was, he would be in my room giving me medicine or something to soothe the problem. The same is true as a grandfather. I am lucky that my Boys can have him as a part of their lives as well and show them the unconditional love  that I grew up with. His patience with his grandsons is immeasurable. I can tell you first hand that patience with my Boys is almost impossible, but Nana handles it so well. He is the calmest, most compassionate father and grandfather. Dad, thanks for just being my Dad! I am one lucky gal to have you in my life.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


Happy Father’s Day to all!

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