Wow! Talk about neglect, huh? My poor blog… Well, with a household made up of a mother who is a teacher, a son graduating kindergarten, a father whose work requires him to travel, and a younger son who requests your undivided attention when ever possible…this time of the year is hectic to say the least. I thought that I would get you all caught up on what has been going on in the time that we have been missing in action through some photos.

Well, let’s see….it’s been about a month since I’ve posted so it takes us back to about Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day was a special day…my Boys treated me like a Queen. I woke up to presents and spent the day doing absolutely nothing…my kind of celebration.


We took a little road trip to New Smyrna Beach for our first beach visit of the Summer.

IMG_3518 IMG_3543

I also had a couple of dates throughout the month with my Boys…..great one-on-one time! Hopefully, the Hubby and I can have our chance soon!

  hotel hotel2

We celebrated Memorial Day weekend with a little staycation at the Marriot Grande Vista.


We then went head on into the last week of school. For a teacher, in  my opinion, the first and last week of school are the most exhausting. There was also a little graduate in the household. My Big Boy is now officially a First Grader.


We are now embarking on our summer vacation. The first week has certainly been a full and fun-filled week. We started with going to the movies. I can’t believe how expensive the movie experience is now!! We visited the library for a magic show and to borrow some summer reading books, had lunch, and then wrapped the week up with some doctor appointments.

That about sums up the last month for us. Hopefully, I am able to give my blog some much needed attention this summer, since things have died down a bit.  I have a ton of DIY planned and a Big Boy Room remodel going on so I will have much to share with you all!


What are your plans for the summer?

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2 Responses to MIA

  1. Erika says:

    Nice summary! Well, my summer is going to be filled with wedding planning and boot camp. I think I like your summer plans better. :)

    • Sherry Ann K. Sherry Ann says:

      I’m sure this post was no news to you, but glad you enjoyed it. The wedding planning part might be a lot more fun than boot camp!!