Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea #4-Supply Cake

cake A very creative way to shower your teacher with school supplies. Take it from a teacher, we can ALWAYS use school supplies….we LOVE them!


 (number of each supply depends on how big you want to make your “cake” or how wide the paper towel roll is)

Paper Towel Roll

Cake Base

packs of crayons

glue sticks

bottles of glue

spiral notebooks





rubber bands

hot glue gun


Step 1: Place the spiral notebooks around the paper towel by overlapping one over the next. Secure them in place with rubber bands.


Step 2: For the first layer of the “cake” place the crayon boxes and glue sticks in alternating order all the way around the paper towel. Secure in the place with a rubber band.


Step 3: The second layer of the “cake” is made up of the bottles of glue. Use the box of crayons as a base, place the bottles on top and secure with a rubber band. Continue all the way around.


Step 4: Yes, that is a “used” roll of toilet paper. I began to place the markers around a cup but it didn’t work because I needed a cylinder shape and the toilet paper roll worked best. Place the markers all the way around the roll and secure with a rubber band. Then hot glue the “cake topper” to the top of the paper towel roll.


Step 5: For some finishing touches add ribbon around the layers to cover the rubber bands and pencils to the “topper”. Then add some “pop” with flowers and bows. Place the entire cake on the cake base.

One more way to make that teacher feel special!

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