Teacher Appreciation Gift #3-Personalized Clipboards


A nice way to personalize something that is so simple and useful.




Scrapbook Paper

Card Stock

Mod Podge

Sponge Brush



Hot Glue Gun

Computer with a Printer


Step 1: Trace the outline of the clipboard on the back side of the scrapbook paper. Cut the paper to size in order to cover the clipboards. Make sure to take into consideration the clip at the top.


Step 2: Once you have cut the paper to size, spread a layer of the Mod Podge on the clipboard with your sponge brush, making sure not to make it too thick. Then lay the paper down and smooth out all of the air bubbles. I used a Mod Podge tool to do so but a credit card would work just fine as well. Then add another layer of Mod Podge to the top of the paper (not pictured). Allow to completely dry.


Step 3: Add a piece of coordinating ribbon to the bottom of the clipboard with hot glue. I just glued the ends of the ribbon to the back of the clipboard.


Step 4: Using a Word Processing program create a letter to represent the teacher’s name. There is no need to print it in color because you will print it on corresponding colored card stock. Once I created the letter with the size and font I wanted I flipped it horizontally and printed. The reason for flipping the image was so when I cut out the letter  I would not be able to see any of the outline of the letter. It seems to have a more cleaner look to it. I then used a black pen to create my own accents to the letter.


Step 5: Hot glue the letter to the lower right hand corner of the clipboard for a more personalized look. IMG_3278

Step 5: I decided to do two different sizes of clipboards, so once they were completed I tied them together with a piece of ribbon and placed in a gift bag.

Once again, just another simple and inexpensive way to say “Thank you!”

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