Teacher Appreciation Gift #1

This week at school we are celebrating Teacher Appreciation. It is a week long celebration where the students show their gratitude in a different way each day.

Day #1 – bring a flower for your teacher, real or handmade

Day #2 –  bring a sweet treat

Day #3 – decorate an apple for the classroom door

Day #4 -bring a school supply

Day #5 – write a thank you note to your teacher

Of course, this is all optional, but I felt the need to go above and beyond for Kyle’s teacher. I have seen first hand the time, effort, passion, and love that she puts into every day when she teaches her class, which lucky for me includes my son. I believe she deserves way more gratitude that I can give in a week or a whole school year for that matter. I have seen such great gains, both academically and behaviorally, in my son which were not possible without a great teacher. So, I am using my love for crafts to shower her with gifts all week long. I will be sharing each gift daily along with a tutorial for each. I hope you will take the time to thank your child’s teacher, whether it is with a gift or even just a note to say how much you Appreciate them!

Here is today’s gift.

Flower Pens with Pot



DSCN5299 Terracotta Pot
Floral Tape
Artificial Flowers
Wire Cutter

Step 1: Use your wire cutter to trim the flowers to about 2 inches.


Step 2: Use the floral tape to attach the flower to the pen. Continue with the tape all the way to the bottom of the pen. Repeat.


Step 3: Paint the pot coordinating colors . Then write or paint on, “Thank you for helping me GROW”.

painted pot

Step 4: Add some color by painting on flowers and adding ribbon to the rim of the pot.


Step 5: Add pebbles and the flower pens to the pot.


Stay tune for tomorrow’s gift of appreciation!

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