Getting Old??….You think??

Do you remember the first time you thought to yourself, “I’m getting old” ? What made you think or feel that way? Unfortunately, during the past couple of weeks I have had a few of those instances.

This first happened when I was teaching reading vocabulary to my fourth graders and the word ‘negative’ came up in relation to photography. My students had NO clue what I was talking about!! When it comes to photography all they know about are digital cameras. I therefore had to show images of film and how it was is used in 35mm cameras. I was then curious to see how old I really was how young they really are. I continued with the conversation and asked if anyone knew what a ‘record’ was…..nope. Then I asked about a¬†cassette tape….nope. ¬†All they knew about were CDs and MP3 players. Can you believe this?

Not to make matters worse,but I stopped by the local grocery store and who do I see as a cashier….a past student, from my first year of teaching fourth grade, who is now getting ready to graduate high school!!

A few days later I was listening to the local morning radio show, Johnny’s House, and the topic of conversation was “Things That Make You Feel Old”. Here is a list of some of what was mentioned and some I came across during my research, which definitely made me feel old!

1. The first DVD Movie was released in 1996….17 years ago!

2. The series finale of Full House was aired in 1995…18 years ago!

3. Home Alone was released in 1990…23 years ago!

4. Beverly Hill 90210 aired in 1990…23 years ago!

5. I started Kindergarten in 1987…26 years ago!!!

How about these? Remember any? Chance is if you do, you are considered old….UGH! I remembered ALL of them…

i will never forget my mom splurging to buy me a kaboodle.  it was the one cool thing i possessed. by kimberley

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So, in conclusion….I’m old.

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2 Responses to Getting Old??….You think??

  1. Erika says:

    Love it! It’s funny when you started kindergarten, that was the year I was born!