Spring Break

Man, has it been a while!!! I guess all of the excitement leading up to Spring Break just got to me….in school and at home.

Another perk of being a teacher is having a week long break for Spring. Usually I would be at home with both boys and just hang around the house or go out to run some errands, but not this year…

As I type I am in route to Montego Bay, Jamaica!!! I’m heading back to where it all started ten years ago on my Honeymoon. As you read a few weeks back, I celebrated my 10th Wedding Anniversary….well the celebration is continuing!! Kevin and I decided while on our Honeymoon we would celebrate our 10th in the same exact spot, so here we are doing just that.


We are both incredibly excited to celebrate such a milestone and just relax!! This will be our first vacation without the boys. I must say it feels somewhat incomplete sitting here waiting to board our plane and not having to chase two boys around the terminal!!

It was a bit rough leaving them especially because they are separated (one with my parents and the other with Kevin’s). They will definitely miss one another. They have already had a 15 minute conversation on the phone this morning…..just catching up on the couple of hours they have been apart. We also had to leave Kyle with a stomach virus. Poor guy was up all night long with diarrhea and vomiting. :( But I already see a turn around this morning….he is such a trooper!!

My mind is at ease now so I guess we can let this vacation begin!!!

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