Art Table

My Boys love to draw and color, but unfortunately they did not have an accessible place in the house to do it. The tables and countertops were way too high for them to climb up easily and there were no other tabletop available to them, so they would just be on the floor. The solution……build My Boys a not so ordinary Art Table.


Here is the tutorial on how we built this Art Table.

We began with a trip to IKEA and gathered the materials needed.



We picked this table and chair set because it would match the rest of the furniture in the room where we were going to put it.


These were some extra materials we used to add some more accessories to the table.

First we had to put the table and chairs together, which was a fairly easy job, not too many pieces. I even got the Hubby to help!!


While he worked on that I spray painted the canisters that would be used to store the crayons, markers, etc. I wanted the canisters to match the table/decor.  canistercollage

I then found the idea on Pinterest  to attach the roll of paper onto the table using a curtain rod, which I found in the clearance section at Bed Bath & Beyond for $0.98. Can’t beat that!!  rollcollage

After we installed the rod I decided to spray paint it with the Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, just so everything would match.

Once the canisters were dry we screwed them to the other side of the table. DSCN52072

Then to put some finishing touches on the table I used rub-on letters to put the Boys’ names on the back of their chairs and stickers for their names on their magazine holders, which will hold their coloring books.


Since we put this table together there has not been a day that the Boys did not spend time on it……without a doubt it was worth the time and effort!



 A sneak peek at one of their many creations….with more to come!!

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5 Responses to Art Table

  1. Sarah says:

    Great idea! I was already heading to Ikea this weekend to get my little guy the table & chairs. I just might have to copy your idea for the utensil holders on the side of the table.

    • Sherry Ann K. Sherry Ann says:

      Go ahead….use ALL the ideas if you want!! I’m so glad I can share the wealth!! Your little one will enjoy it!!

  2. Samphy says:

    Thanks so much for the idea. I just had to copy it and do the stenciling. 😉 I wanted to make it a multi-purpose table so I bought a chalkboard/ mdf board from Home Depot, then glued 10×10 Lego boards on the other side. So if he doesn’t want to do art, he can play with the chalkboard side or do a Lego table. Thanks so much!