Such a Lucky Gal…

The past couple of days have been a blast and they have shown me more than ever how lucky I am! My Husband, on the other hand, not so lucky…he has to deal with the Trio:  My Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and our Wedding Anniversary, all three days, one after the next! But I must say he one ups himself each year and does a darn good job of handling such an enormous task.



My Birthday started off with this beautiful necklace being given to me by my boys.


I then went to work and to my surprise these goodies were delivered!

I then headed to Kobe Steakhouse for a birthday dinner with  friends and family.

And……just when I thought the day was over I came home to find this in the garage!!!



The next day was Valentine’s Day. We kept this day a little low-key, considering we had more coming up the next day…

We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary at home. The kids and I had the day off, so I spent it running errands with them and then my  Mom cooked us dinner .

Then for the finale, Kevin took me out to dinner for a Date Night to wrap it all up. It was extremely nice and the service was great.  We arrived to a table covered with rose petals and ended the night with desert on the house.


Needless to say, I feel special! 

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