Happy Birthday to Me!!


Well, there went another year…Happy Birthday to ME!! This is my opportunity to blog about myself and not feel at all guilty about it.

I must say I am no longer in my twenties but I do not feel a day over 18!! I sit down and think about my actual age and all that has come with it, a marriage, a home, two sons, and tons of responsibilities that all “grown ups” have…..and I can’t remember when it all happened!! It all came and went so fast that I lost track of the years. When I am asked my age I actually have to pause for a second and think about it. :)

This year hasn’t been any different, it flew by at the wink of an eye. So, I begin another year of my life today and I think that this will be the year to slow down and just “chill”……what’s the rush??

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One Response to Happy Birthday to Me!!

  1. Erika says:

    Happy birthday! Enjoy!