Just a Little Art….

I decided to complete one of my hundreds of  pins from Pinterest this weekend. Kevin has moved into a new office with tons of wall space and needed an inexpensive way to fill them up. So, the first thing that came to my mind was….Pinterest! I have to say that I am one of those guilty people who go crazy pinning and then never get to actually doing the project. But not this time….

I began to go back through my pins (while trying extremely hard not to pin anything new) and I knew that I had to come up with one that was somewhat “manly”. Most of what I have pinned is for the boys or for our home, not much that would be appropriate for an office. Then I finally came across this easy and simply piece of artwork made with canvases.

Now, of course mine did not come out exactly like the picture, but I must say that I am pretty proud of my work! So, for those of you that would like to try it on your own, here is a little tutorial as to how I did it.

The materials were fairly cheap. I purchased them at Michaels and JoAnn with the use of coupons and Teacher Discounts.


  • 4 Canvases (or you can make it as big as you want)
  • Coordinating colors of paint
  • paint brushes
  • squirt bottle (optional and I will show you why)


First I used my coordinating colors to paint each canvas. I used four canvases and painted each pair one color for a total of two colors. Allow the canvases to dry.


Once they dried I noticed that I needed a second coat on each canvas, but I made sure and used paint strokes in the opposite direction of what I already had, which enabled me to get into the white groves of the canvas.


Next, I laid the canvases on a towel in the order in which they will be hung on the wall.


Now this would be the part of the project where you would use that squirt bottle. My intention was to use it, but it didn’t work the way I wanted it to so I just had it with the white paint and paint brush. I just started flinging the paint on the canvases. My boys thought that I was going crazy…..I know what they were thinking…..”Mommy, does not do things in such an unorganized or messy way!”


You just keeping “flinging” the paint until you feel it is enough. Then once dry you will hang the canvases about one inch apart. It will look like pieces of puzzle.


And then don’t forget your signature on your piece of artwork.


Sorry that I don’t have any pictures of it up on the actual wall. I even thought about putting up on a wall in the house just for a picture, but I don’t think Hubby would be happy with all those unnecessary holes in the wall. :) I hope my first tutorial was easy to follow, but if you have any questions you know where to find me! I look forward to completing some more of those pins in the near future.

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