Can I Just Teach…..PLEASE?!?!

This post is for all my fellow teachers, because I’m sure you are feeling the same way…..

Lately, I’ve felt as though I am not able to do my job……teach. It seems like EVERY day there is something that needs to get done before I actually teach my fourth graders. There are mountains and mountains of assessments that are done on a weekly if not daily basis, there is always data that needs to be collected on each and every student, and not to mention the paperwork that is continuously coming my way. I can not remember the last FULL week of uninterrupted teaching that has taken place in my classroom. It seems as though this problem becomes bigger and bigger each year, because there are always changes every year.

I must say, when I was in elementary school (which has not been that long ago) we did not have all of these interruptions and look at how great I turned out. :) I don’t remember being a ten-year old with this much stress. My fourth graders today are definitely stressed.  Don’t get me wrong, I agree with having high expectations for these kids and having them accountable for their learning, but come on…..we have to remember that these are still KIDS. If we just give them the opportunity to learn, hence giving me the opportunity to teach, they WILL succeed.

I guess what I am trying to say is that: I am a teacher. I went through all of the schooling/certification to become a teacher, so please trust me to teach these kids what they need to learn in order to be successful throughout their educational career. All I need is the opportunity to JUST TEACH!




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3 Responses to Can I Just Teach…..PLEASE?!?!

  1. Lisa says:

    AMMMEEEENNN!!! OMG IT DRIVES ME INSANE!!! The 5th grade team was just talking about what we want to do after FCAT. Culture day, a wheel class with current events, wax museum research project…. and we ended it by saying, “It’s education and fun!” Such a shame the whole year can’t be that way like it was when we were growing up. So unbelievable.

  2. Fotini says:

    I agree. I love teaching the kids and having fun. This month flew by, assessments, assessments, assessments. We lost so much valuable time. Sadly, even in Kinder, we are all business. We have some fun but it’s limited. CC has taken away a lot of our “fun” times. Huge gaps to fill, we can only try. I remember when my kids were in Kinder, they had nap time, centers/play time, fun activities with stamps and cool crafts. Kinder was a blast of easy and fun activities. What happened? We are expecting these kids to grow up a little bit too fast. They have a life time of being “grown ups” but only a few years of being kids. Let’s open our own school, LOL.