Questions, Questions, and More Questions…

Like any typical five-year old, Kyle has tons and tons of questions a day. Most of the time I am able to answer these questions. Other times, I can easily pretend to know the answers and he is satisfied, but this time was a little different…

Kyle has been learning about living and non-living things in his Kindergarten Science class. He then overheard a conversation I was having with a fellow teacher about someone dying. With all this information he asked me quite a difficult question one night before bed….”Mommy, am I going to die? Are you and Daddy going to die?”

Boy, did I have to think fast!! Luckily I had just started watching Parenthood (great show!) and there was an episode where one of the families had to deal with the same question. They also had a little girl around Kyle’s age who witnessed a bird crash into their sliding glass door and eventually died. So she asked the same questions: “Mommy, am I going to die? Are you and Daddy going to die?” So, being the resourceful person that I am….I used the same exact explanation. Here’s how the conversation went:

Kyle: “Mommy, am I going to die?”

Me: “Yes.”

Kyle: “NOOOO!!! I don’t want to die!!”

Me: “Kyle, every living thing dies and goes to Heaven.”

Kyle: “Will you and Daddy die?”

Me: “Yes.”

Kyle: “NOOOOO!! I don’t want you guys to die. I’m scared!!”

Me: “You shouldn’t be scared. That’s not going to happen for a lonnnggg time.”

Kyle: “When?”

Me: “Like, hundreds and hundreds of years from now. And when we do die we will all meet up in Heaven and be one big happy family, again.”

Kyle: “Okay.”

So it didn’t go too bad or I didn’t mentally scar my kid, which in my book would be a point for me!! But one thing is for sure….This boy’s questions always keeps me on my toes!!

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2 Responses to Questions, Questions, and More Questions…

  1. Erika says:

    What a show can do for you. I’m learning a lot about being a parent just by listening to you and reading your blogs. Thanks! :)