Back to Reality

One of the perks of being a teacher is definitely the vacation time off. It just seems to go by way too quickly. It hasn’t been any different this time around. As most teachers were, I was off for the past two weeks and it just did not seem like enough. Usually I’m ready go back because my own two boys start driving me up the wall, but it seemed like there wasn’t even enough time for that to happen. I think most of the reason I feel this way is because my first week was wasted with me having the Flu and just lying around doing absolutely nothing. We tried to make up for that “lost” time by doing some fun stuff with the boys during the second week, so hopefully they were able to enjoy their Winter Break just a little bit. Although, I think they just enjoyed being at home and not at school!

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My break started a day early with me taking a Personal Day to attend a UCF Football game with Kevin and his coworkers. It took place in St. Pete with the royal treatment. VIP Tailgating and then Box Seats with all the food and drink you could inhale, and the best part…..NO KIDS ALLOWED! It was nice to have a grown up day out.

It was all down hill from then….I started to feel horrible, but I still tried to conduct business as usual.

I hosted the Christmas Eve/Mom’s Birthday Dinner….barely pulled that one off….Whew!

Christmas came and went by and I was still on the couch in the same spot I started out with. I knew I had to visit the doctor because I had to get some meds……we were scheduled to leave for South Florida in a few days for a Wedding and to spend the New Year with family.

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Needless to say, we stuck to the plan and we made it down south where we attended the Wedding, spent a quiet New Year’s Eve with family, and then saw a magnificent light display.

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We ended our vacation with a visit to a local carnival. The boys had a blast!! They even won a goldfish!!

As I look back at all that we did these past two weeks… doesn’t seem that uneventful as I thought it was. Most importantly, we got some much-needed family time, since Kev was working like crazy the weeks leading up to Christmas. So, here we go back to reality and counting down the days until Spring Break!!

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3 Responses to Back to Reality

  1. Lisa says:

    I know what you mean about not enough time! But, think of it this way: At least you were sick when you already had scheduled time off.. you didn’t have to take any sick days. LOL. Glad you guys had fun! Sidenote: You guys go to a lot of weddings! LOL

    • Sherry Ann K. Sherry Ann says:

      I know….last year was crazy with weddings. Kyle still talks about when will it be Lisa’s wedding….so maybe yours will be next.