2013 Resolutions

Most people make resolutions for the upcoming year, but not me…

I honestly can’t think of any…except the usual, lose weight, exercise more…I guess I’m happy with the way things are going I don’t really want it to change. Most would argue, “Don’t you want to make things better, or improve upon what you already have?” My answer would be, “Not really.” I guess you could say that I am a girl who is not hard to please…I am contented with my life at this point. My boys are happy and healthy, I have a great home with a blissful marriage, and a job I love. What more could a girl ask for? Of course, like any other human being I will most willingly welcome ANY positive change that would come my way. I guess what I’m saying is that I am not going to be looking or seeking for any type of change, but if it crosses my path I will be ready and willing.

One resolution or goal I did make during the month of December 2012 was to create this blog and become an official blogger, which happened a bit earlier than expected, so I guess you could say that I am ahead of the game!!

So. here’s to a stress free new year, because I just going to be winging it.!! Happy 2013!

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