To Believe or Not to Believe

At what age did you stop believing in Santa Claus? I really can’t recall when I stopped believing or if I ever did believe that there was this jolly old man who would bring me whatever I asked for if I kept my part of the deal….be good. I personally thought that at the age of five was a bit early to give up on this belief. So, I needed a solution, STAT!

My oldest son, Kyle, has  been asking quite a bit of questions about Santa and the logistics behind him. In the beginning I was able to give some believable answers, but I have run out of creative ways to answer this inquisitive little boy’s questions. So, in order to keep him believing I took the advice of many of friends who are Moms….

I had him watch The Santa Clause. You would be surprise as to how many questions had been answered. The main question he had was, “How does Santa get into the house?” Now, last year I was able to get away with the answer of, “He  has magic, he can just walk through the wall.” (Don’t judge me, I had to come up with an answer fast.) But the movie showed a great explanation and now there are no more questions as to how this jolly old man gets into our homes to  leave presents for those well-behaved kids.

Of course I had a Plan B if this one did not work. One thing that I have learned you need to be ready for EVERYTHING when it comes to a five-year old. A friend told me about this idea she saw on Pinterest. It was an idea for having an extra house key left out for Santa (Santa’s Key). This was so he can easily get into the house. I thought it was genius. Luckily, Plan A worked and now this “Super Mom” has another year to come up with another brilliant plan!

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  1. Fotini Guzman says:

    Great Job!!! I am glad you guys had fun! We still have a few days to relax. Enjoy!